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As a medium-sized business, we do not want to be the biggest, but we thrive to be the most innovative. Our success is gained by continually realigning our service range to meet the needs of our customers – and more so, do so, by introducing new ideas to the market – ideas that add value for our customers. We also save our customers' time, worry, stress and expenses with our well versed integrated logistics. African Shipping offers complete but personalized solutions, from calculation and monitoring to transport. The advantage for our customers: they can concentrate entirely on their core business – to produce and sell their products.

Our services includes shipping to and from USA to Nairobi, Mombasa, Kampala and other East African cities including door deliveries, overland transportation to and form all the destinations.

  • We will provide free standard 24x24x18 inches size box. Other sizes will be determined by cubic foot.
  • We will assist with packing fragile items.
  • We provide pick up services.

Customers are free to mail their packages call us for assistance. A local freight fee
(above our freight charges) will apply and will be based on distance and zip code.

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